Workshops and Presentations


“Schools can have a key role in identifying pupils at risk of drug misuse. The process of identifying needs should aim to distinguish between pupils who require general information and education, those who could benefit from targeted prevention, and those who require a detailed needs assessment and more intensive support.” Department for Education and Association of Chief Police Officers drug advice for schools, 2012.

Sam Bishop workshops and training provide drug and alcohol awareness to young people aged 13-25, parents and professionals. The workshops are delivered by Sam who is a counselling therapist accredited to the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP).
When Sam took over the leadership of a drug and alcohol counselling service in West London he realised that delivering drug and alcohol awareness presentations to young people would be a proactive way of developing education and knowledge around the subject of substance misuse, and would also be an early intervention tool that could help prevent young people from experimenting or even abusing substances in the future. 
Sam has experience of delivering presentations and workshops to young people in a variety of Schools, colleges, Pupil referral units and residential homes across west London. 
Sam has also delivered drug and alcohol awareness training to teams of professionals including Youth Support Workers, Youth Offending Teams, Teachers, Learning Support Assistants and also to groups of parents.
Sam believes feedback from this extensive range of participants has contributed to developing a relevant, detailed, up to date structured workshop.

What is the outcome/benefit of my product?
Young people – will be given factual information about issues that surround the substance misuse world and the substances themselves.  Through participation and engagement with the workshop they will be able to make informed choices and decisions about their involvement with substances.
Parents and Carers – will be given a realistic view of current substances available to young people and the impact and outcome on the young people who use these substances. Through participation and engagement with a presentation they develop a greater awareness and knowledge base leading to an increase in their confidence around this challenging issue.  
Professionals – will be given factual information about substances and opportunity to consider the issues amd reasons why young people become involved with substance. Through participation and engagement with a presentation they develop a greater awareness and knowledge base leading to an increase in their confidence around this challenging issue.

“Sam was very flexible with his approach and made the students feel confident to ask any questions even if it seemed silly.”

“Sam was able to engage 6 of our most challenging students for the entire session, for 6 consecutive weeks. The students were focused and willing to learn every week and I believe a lot of this is due to Sam’s calm and relaxed approach”
Kira Bernard – Inclusion Manager Believe and Achieve – Haydon School.

Sam’s knowledge base is constantly being developed and updated through the face-to-face interactions of the clients he supports. Sam is aware of young people's drug trends, the range of drugs currently available and how they are used by this client group today. He is also exposed to, and has great understanding of the current issues contributing to triggering a need for young people to access this mechanism of support. 

Topics covered in presentations:
Cannabis                              Alcohol                           Cigarettes
Cocaine                                Heroin                  Party Drugs (Ecstasy and MDMA)
Addiction                             E – Cigarettes                    Drug dealing and distribution
Recovery and Support       Drugs and the Law           Real case studies and examples
New Psychoactive Substances 1 – Legal Downers (Cannabis and Heroin)
New Psychoactive Substances 2 – Legal Highs (Balloons and Mephedrone - MCAT)
Drugs policies and practices                         Discussion and debate session on topical issues
“You delivered the presentations with such professionalism. All the students that took part in the workshops were focussed and 100% engaged in all parts of the workshop, which is great. The short films and PowerPoint presentations were very informative and easy for the students to understand.”
Sharon Shinkwin – Academic Tutor – Uxbridge College.

Sam is able to deliver a variety of awareness and training packages, ranging from basic knowledge and general awareness material to more specific or bespoke training, which focuses on your specific requirements, desires and aims. 

Product Packages
For young people:
50/60 minute (dependant on school timetable) presentations x3 = Half day
50/60 minute (dependant on school timetable) presentations x 5 = Full day
For professionals:
2 hour twilight awareness and training session
3 Hours - Half day awareness and training package
6 Hours - Full day awareness and training package
For parents and carers:
2 hour twilight awareness and training session
3 Hours - Half day awareness and training package
6 Hours - Full day awareness and training package
Drug policy development or awareness review
1.5 hours consultation
3 hours consultation

If you are interested in the awareness presentations or training packages or would like more information then please do not hesitate to contact Sam on 07553 302397 or email Sam directly on
“I thought I knew it all until I met Sam” – Year 10 student

“Sam taught me that even weed is dangerous and can affect my mental health” – Year 11 student
“There are such things as legal highs, and they are extremely dangerous” Year 10 student