Young People Counselling

I have many years experience of counselling young people. I have worked in a Primary School setting in the West Midlands and have also worked with Young people aged 4 – 16 in South Wales when I was employed by University of Wales, Newport. This created the opportunity for me to see clients in a school environment meeting with them on a weekly basis.

I have worked with students aged 16 – 21, at the Royal National College for the Blind. This employment has allowed me to discover some of the difficulties experienced by those with a visual impairment and has developed my understanding of the need for versatility in the therapeutic approach when working with clients who have a disability.

I currently work with young people aged 13 – 21 who are experiencing, or are affected by someone with a substance misuse issue. This allows me to meet with young people on a weekly basis to discuss their issues with a substance, or to discuss experiences where a parent or sibling has had or has a drug or alcohol problem.